Natalie Roush

Life Coach

Natalie is a Life and Relationship Coach who specializes in “Inner Critic” work. Her journey towards understanding and repurposing her own inner critic was sparked in 2018, when she first chose to invest in her own coach. In the 5 years since then, Natalie has gone on to receive her life coach certification from The Life Coach School, as well as her advanced certification in Faith-Based Coaching and most recently, her Master Coach Certification through the Life Coach School.

Natalie has dedicated her life and career to exposing the inner critic for its lies and offering permission to notice and believe the absolute best in ourselves and what’s possible in our lives.Because of this, she offers additional support and perspectives, weekly,  on her podcast, “How’s the View?”, which is available on all major podcasting platforms.

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Natalie offers virtual, 1-on-1, private coaching for all ages. Be sure to ask about package options*

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